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Don Battis

Don Battis

As a Vistage Chair, I help people who run businesses figure out what to do-- and get them to do it. If you run a business and you'd like to understand what that feels like, try a complimentary 90 minute one-to-one working coaching session.

Recent Posts by Don Battis:

How CEOs Get the Truth From Sales Candidates

Every job seeker “exaggerates”---Sales people most of all. They’re supposed to be good at presenting information in the best possible light.


CEOs make tough decisions...then don't take action.  What's holding you back?


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Is Talking About Failure a Taboo?

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, made worse when entrepreneurs don’t feel as if they can be open about the barrage of challenges, hurdles — and, yes, failures.


The terrorist attacks on Paris were intended to disrupt the normal lives of everyone living in the Western World.

Could You Use a Coach?

Here are some reasons why you may consider having a coach- even if you are an accomplished and successful business leader.

Do CEOs Know the 8 Words to Avoid When Giving Feedback?

Whether your the CEO, the owner, or just the Boss-  sooner or later, you're going to have to tell someone that their performance isn't what you expect.



It's Lonely at the Top

It's normal for business owners and chief executives to feel isolated.  Everyone you deal with wants something from you.

Process Improvement for CEOs

Ever wish you could bounce your ideas off of 15 other experinced CEOS? You can!

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Are CEOs Addicts?

Do you remember the first time you inhaled the powerful fumes of making money from your own idea?

Who Are You Afraid of Letting Down?

What is really behind your fear of failure? Are you afraid someone close to you will be disappointed?