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Could You Use a Coach?

coachHere are some reasons why you may consider having a coach- even if you are an accomplished and successful business leader.

1.  It's lonely at the top.  Many executives feel isolated and need someone they can bounce ideas off.  And there are many topics (management succession plans, merger and acquisitions, executive compensation, estate planning, etc.)  that are not appropriate for discussion with company employees. Watch my video "It's Lonely at the top here."

2.  Focusing the Vision.  Few leaders have clear plans and strategic direction for themselves and their companies.  Having a written plan (for both) is important.  It is a great tool to communicate with others and to keep yourself aimed in the right direction.

3.  Forward looking. Short term problems often drive out long term opportunities.  Many CEOs and business owners are quite "busy" working in their business.  This is especially true if they have particular functional expertise such as engineering or sales.  They could use help in lifting their heads up and seeing further into the future.

4.  Moving on. Being stuck in a rut or being too comfortable with the status-quo can result in being "run over" by upstart competitors.

5.  Work-life balance.  It's easy to say, "It's not a question of time- it's a question of priorities." but actually making those difficult choices is a challenge.

6.  Riding the roller coaster. When the roller coaster is going up, and things are going well, being the Boss is great!  But when that coaster is diving down and spinning around, it can make you want to throw up!  Only a fellow business leader who has ridden that coaster before can understand what you are going through- and help you survive the ups-and-downs.

Even Tom Brady has a Coach!

If you'd like to experience what that feels like to have a coach, I invite you to try a complementary 90 minute 1:1 working coaching session with me.  

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