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CEOs make tough decisions...then don't take action.  What's holding you back?


Our Vistage group, made up of CEOs, business owners, top executives from New Hampshire, help members struggle with difficult issues.  These issues are often long-standing problems that are very difficult and emotional ones.

For example, sometimes employees and staffers who were key to the company's early success no longer are important.  In fact, they are often standing in the way of continued growth and development.  You, as the business leader, recognize their past contributions and are loyal to them. You wish they could adapt and keep up...but it just doesn't happen.

 You see it as a sign of loyalty and respect to NOT face these problems.  It's not that you expect the problem will go's just that you don't want to confront them.  We have talked through similar problems with several of our CEO group members and they always end up deciding that the BEST action is to meet with the problem employee and then help them move-on...either step aside or leave the company.

Although they commit to their fellow group members that they will take this action and often even agree to a completion date, nothing happens.

Why do you still wait--even after deciding?


Members of the Seacoast Vistage CEO peer group are a select group of business leaders who want to challenge themselves.  They have chosen to commit the time and money to learning what they need to do to make their businesses become more profitable and their personal lives more meaningful.  And still...they wait.  Their logical minds know what they should do and they are capable of making difficult and complex decisions.  But their emotional minds stop them short of taking action.  The decision has been made, but the action doesn't immediately follow.

Sooner or later, when the pain of the status-quo becomes unbearable, they make their move.  And invariably, they wish they wish had acted sooner.  

How about you?  You know what you need to do...what's holding you back?

When I owned a manufacturing company, we would often put our rejected or returned products back on the inventory shelves.  We jokingly referred to that location as the "improving bin."  As if just leaving it to collect dust would somehow cure the defects and make it "all-better."  But sooner or later (usually much later), we would do the right thing--scrap the material and hit the financial statements. 

Do you ever make a difficult decision but instead of taking action, you put it into the "improving bin"for a while?  


Do you think it would be helpful to talk with other CEOs and business owners and find out how they deal with difficult challenges?


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