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CEOs make tough decisions...then don't take action.  What's holding you back?


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Process Improvement for CEOs

Ever wish you could bounce your ideas off of 15 other experinced CEOS? You can!

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Do You Have the Courage For A High Performance CEO Group?

The way to high performance and big achievements is to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  

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How to Lead Your Company Through an Industry Crisis

How a NH Travel Agency CEO Survived the Biggest Industry Disruption

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Executive Coaching Tip - When Leaders Put Their People First, Great Things Happen.

When leaders make the choice to put the safety and lives of the people inside the organization first - to sacrifice their own comfort and sacrifice their own tangible rewards - remarkable things will happen.

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Vistage Member Saves $1/4 Million at His Third CEO Peer Group Meeting

That one nugget paid my dues for over a decade!

I was brand new to Vistage. The number one reason why I joined Vistage is I didn’t have any time and I knew my life was out of balance. It’s actually really interesting because it’s the number one objection you Vistage Chairs get. That’s the number one reason most people join CEO peer groups, is they don’t have time.

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What's The Difference Between YPO and Vistage International?

The concept of CEO Peer Advisory Groups has been around since Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison started meeting regularly. They bounced ideas off each other and offered help and advice so that they all might become more successful.  

Here's a factual comparison of review, rating and prices comparisons between YPO & Vistage International. Two of the largest CEO Peer Advisory Groups are YPO: Young Presidents' Organization and Vistage International

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Talk More About Your Failures Than Successes: Seacoast Vistage Board

When I ran my business, I had to PRETEND EVERYTHING WAS ALWAYS GOING WELL! I didn't have anyone I could talk to about the things that really weren't going well. It was an isolating feeling. 

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I Don't Have Time for an Executive Peer Advisory Group -

When I talk with people about joining my CEO Peer Advisory Group, THEY GET IT!

Of course, we can all learn something from others.  It just makes sense.

But almost immediately, everyone says, "I just don't have an extra day per month to spend on it."

You've already got all the commitments you can handle.  The last thing you need is another one! And I get that too!

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