It's Lonely at the Top!

Seacoast Vistage CEO group is your own private advisory board.

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Words like FEAR, DOUBT, and UNCERTAINTY aren't usually associated with successful business leaders. But where do CEOs go to share their doubts, their fears? Who vets their vision before they roll it out to the world? Where can business leaders share their vulnerability and uncertainty?

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An Issue can be a problem, an opportunity, or just a chance to run an idea by a group of peer CEOs who "get" what you are going through.  You probably already have an idea of what you should do. But Issue Processing will give deeper insight into your situation (angles you may not have considered) and a wider range of possible options

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You know how difficult it is accomplish the important long term goals when the urgent short term needs of customers and employees keep interrupting. Each month you and I will have a 90 minute private coaching session- usually at your office.  Together we figure out what is most important for you to work on

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Each monthly meeting begins with a speaker/workshop on an important management topic such as business strategy, marketing & sales, and recruiting & hiring.  Every member has a chance to work with the speaker to figure out how to implement new ideas into their own business.

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Long term, there were hard savings over $250 grand. So, that was month three- and I'm still a Vistage member 14 years later.

Dan CourserPredictive Synergistic Systems

The Experience

Our monthly meetings include a speaker/workshop session and a session where the group brainstorms and suggests solutions to each member's most pressing problem.

The Chair

My job is to help people who run businesses figure out what to do- and get them to do it. We meet individually once a month for a 90 minute 1:1 coaching session to work on your most important issue.

The Members

The 16 non-competing members represent a variety of industries.  Their diverse backgrounds allow them to bring fresh insights to important business challenge you have.

"Sixteen brains working on your issue."